WEB INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION PVT. LTD is established with the motive to provide up-to-date college & university information, right academic counseling, visa documentation guidelines and fast service. From its establishment period to till date it is successful to create a strong goodwill among the students and their parents. Web International Education Pvt. Ltd. is a leading professional education information service center.

Highly experienced and qualified professionals run it. It is truthfully offering complete guidance and information for academic matters such as the choice of course, admission guidance and helping students in selecting best programs in different fields to various universities and colleges.

WEB INTERNATIONAL aims for the Colleges and Universities having first rate facilities, strong student support, an affordable room and cost and high quality teaching to create the perfect atmosphere for the students to achieve the best they have long-awaited for. To develop and to establish the ideal educational world, WEB is working as an authorize representative with various universities and colleges. MAPLE is keen to establish mutual relationship and welcoming environment to enroll Nepalese & Indian Students to unique culture and groups.

We are not just limited in paper agreements; not just limited in words, rather we do prove ourselves through honest work and commitment by providing good number of genuine and potential Nepalese students to our representative business partners worldwide