• March 2, 2016
Study Abroad

Web International Education with a team of enthusiastic & dedicated human resources and excellent services is determined to meet the requirements of students seeking to study abroad. Within short years it has all set a record by recruiting a considerable number of Nepalese and Indian students to study abroad. Contributing to realizing so many dreams we think we have added a brick to the nation’s strength. We are using all the resources available in and outside the country to achieve the goal of providing better opportunities for Nepalese & Indian students. Consequently, the main thrust of The WEB INTERNATIONAL is to craft it as a consultancy center of an international standard.


  1. pritam acharya

    As im out of city… i need more information.
    Is there any percentage limit? 
    I have got 2nd div marks (59%).. in this case i can apply for aboard study?
    And what will be the approx fund for usa n australia??

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